Toy Fair 2016: Mega Bloks TMNT, Halo & More

By bill - March 2, 2016

mega-bloks-toy-fairMega Bloks hit every era of Ninja Turtles in their Toy Fair showcase, along with new Halo building sets and more.

The most exciting line within Mega Bloks’ 2016 Toy Fair display were, without a doubt, their TMNT lines.  In addition to the minifigures and building sets based on the current Nickelodeon iteration of the Heroes on the Half Shell, the TMNT Classics line will continue in 2016.  We’ve already seen the four brothers, Bebop and Rocksteady (commanding a small army of Foot Soldiers, no less!) and Krang’s android body.

Soon, these sets will be joined by a classic Party Wagon, minifigs including April O’Neil, Splinter, and Shredder, and the centerpiece of this collection– a massive Technodrome building set which was without a doubt one of the coolest sights to behold at Toy Fair.

Check out the TMNT Mega Bloks showcase– which also included some fun black and white, Mirage-inspired minifigs– below…

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