Toy Fair 2016: Mezco Toyz

By bill - February 17, 2016

mezco-toy-fair-daredevilMezco’s One:12 Collective dominated their showcase at Toy Fair 2016.

Last year, Mezco debuted their One: 12 Collective action figure line, an assortment of 6″ action figures featuring hyper-poseability, fabric costuming, super-articulation, and a multitude of articulation.   The series included Batman and the Mutant Leader from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, as well as 2001 AD’s iconic lawgiver Judge Dredd.

2016 is going to see the line grow exponentially with the inclusion of characters from the Star Trek universe– such as Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Mr. Sulu– as well as Hanna Barbera classics like Space Ghost, heroes from the DC and Marvel universes, and more.

On the DC side, the One:12 Collective will feature highly detailed, super-articulated, and cloth-clothed action figures based on Superman, The Flash, Green Arrow, Reverse Flash, and more.  For Marvel, we will see multiple variants of Daredevil (including First Appearance, classic, and Black Costume), Captain America (with modern and World War II variants), and the Punisher (with a trio of figures based on modern, classic, and Tim Bradstreet versions of the character).

The One: 12 Collective will also include two variants of Frankenstein, based on the Universal Monster as he was portrayed by Boris Karloff in the 1930’s classic horror film, Space Ghost and Blip from the Hanna Barbera cartoon series, and more.

In case you were curious about the look of the One:12 Blip and why he looks more like a real-life monkey than the lovable character from the vintage Space Ghost cartoons, here’s the deal– Mezco’s toy line is based on the premise of rendering these classic characters in as realistic a style as possible.  Monkeys in the real world don’t smile, and so Blip– despite his show-accurate costume– is sculpted bearing his teeth in a faux-grin like a real simian, as opposed to the exaggerated character from the animated series.

This attention to realistic detail governs every facet of Mezco’s One: 12 Collective, which is what cemented them as one of the most impressive toy lines on the floor at Toy Fair 2016.  And rather than display the figures in neutral standing poses, Mezco wisely demonstrated the incredible range of motion on their figures, as each One: 12 figure struck a dynamic action pose.  It was a simple and brilliant way to show off what these toys can do.  With an impeccable attention to nuanced, character-appropriate detail, next-level breakthroughs in terms of articulation, accessories and figure design, and the most intricate and thoughtful costuming of any action figure series on display this year, Mezco’s One:12 Collective truly reigned as one of the big winners of Toy Fair.

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