Toy Fair 2016: Playmates TMNT

By bill - February 16, 2016

Playmates-TMNTThe heroes on the half shell have returned from Dimension X, just in time for a new year’s worth of TMNT toys on display at Playmates’ Toy Fair showcase.

Playmates Toys’ increasingly diverse Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection is growing yet again in 2016, with new additions to many of their lines, as well as some brand new realizations such as stackable mini-figures, “T-Blasts,” or play action weapons modeled after each Turtle’s image, and lots more.

The basic action figure line is getting a new roster of figures, including the fan-demanded human Karai (who looked amazing… and even featured hinged knees!), Muckman (not canceled, as the rumors suggested), Armaggon (who looked great despite his unfortunately too-small scale), and new Turtles variants.

Playmates is also capitalizing on the blind bag craze by releasing a set of mystery bagged Half Shell Heroes, which are sure to be a huge hit with kids and collectors alike.  T-Machines vehicles and loads of play action accessories rounded out the Ninja Turtles’ 2016 offerings, which will also support this summer’s Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows movie, though no products were on display at Toy Fair.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing in Playmates’ Toy fair booth, though, was the teasers they offered for new properties they had acquired.  Among them was Voltron, based on the upcoming Dreamworks reboot slated for 2017.  While nothing was shown aside from a single banner poster, this confirms at least one of the toymaking partners behind this new iteration of the classic robot adventure story.

While I would have loved to see some of the upcoming movie products, what we did see at Playmates suggests Ninja Turtles fans young and old will have a lot of new toys to add to the collection this year.  I’m over the moon at how great Karai came out in action figure form… and I can’t wait to see some of the other announced (yet not displayed) figures, like Super Shredder!

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