Toy Fair 2016: Quantum Mechanix

By bill - February 16, 2016

quantum-mechanixQuantum Mechanix showed off their fun Q Figs, amazing 1:6 Firefly and Star Trek figures, and more at Toy Fair.

One stop I knew I had to make at Toy Fair this year was Quantum Mechanix.  I’ve seen images of their great looking 12″ Mal Reynolds and Kirk and Spock figures… and as a Loot Crate subscriber, I’ve been treated to a number of highly cool collectibles designed by these guys (My favorite? The miniature Hoverboard replica from back To The Future Part II).

The Quantum Mechanix booth at Toy Fair most certainly did not disappoint!  If you’re not familiar with the Q Fig line, these plastic statues feature stylized, cartoony depictions of DC super heroes in fun and clever poses and environments.  The most fun feature, though, is the word balloons attached to the figure’s base, on which you can write custom messages.  It’s a neat feature that makes these already cool figures more interactive and easy to personalize.

This year, the line is expanding with multiple tiers, based on how elaborate the figure and base display is.  New additions include Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Superman.  The line will also expand to cover Marvel heroes such as Hulk, Captain America, and Deadpool, in the same cool style (only without the word balloons, sadly).

I could tell from online photos that the Firefly and Star Trek 12″ figures Quantum Mechanix crafted were great pieces, but the images don’t give them justice.  These figures are a sight to behold, painstakingly accurate in both sculpted likeness and finely tailored cloth costumes.  One intriguing feature I have not seen before is a smart use of magnets to attach swappable pieces like alternate hands, as well as to help secure accessories into the figures’ hands.  The attention to detail and authenticity on these figures in uncanny– the Trek crew’s phasers even feature a removable charger!

Quantum Mechanix has proven they can do stylized, and handle painstaking realism just as deftly.  I’m very glad to hear their partnership with Loot Crate will continue in 2016 (they actually curated the entire Firefly crate, which recently went up for preorder).  Their toys are awesome, and Quantum Mechanix is proving to be one of the companies to watch after their showing at Toy fair this year, without a doubt.

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