Toy Fair 2017: Bluefin Has A Lot To Offer Collectors

By kastor417 - February 23, 2017

One of the biggest booths on the floor was Bluefin, showing off almost something for every type of collector.

There was something for every collector in the Bluefin booth this year from large scale figures, to models, to action figures. Bluefin over the last couple years has moved in on the US markets through some online import stores and specialty shops, to become some of the definitive lines of figure for collectors. Their SH Figuarts MCU lines have brought great sculpting and articulation to give collectors some of the most dynamic actions figures ever produced. In the past the prices were high and it was hard to get them, but starting this year you will be able to get the MCU figures in major retailers in the US along with more TMNT, DC Comics, and WWE figures on the way. On display for the first time were figures of the Undertaker, Kane, and Deadshot all which match the look of the real life counter parts. The Hall of Armor was also on display, and though they will be pricey, the docking bay looks perfect and hard to resist buying one for every armor released so far. Although Dr. Strange did not make it to the show floor a life size version will be on the way and utterly stunning. But SH Figuarts was not the only thing on display in the booth.

Storm Collectibles also showed off their Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat lines. Both lines are spot on to the game designs, and are well articulated. The prices are higher than the average figure, but the details and quality are worth the prices. Along with game figures there were also 1/6 scale figures based on Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Hollywood Hulk Hogan. All three come with accessories and swappable heads, to give these figures some great display options.

Finally the biggest section and most impressive was their Star Wars display. Front and center were the large scale R2D2 and C3PO figures. The famous droid duo look like they stepped off the screen, and are incredibly detailed. This R2 is the first figure to incorporate the tubes Kenny Baker would hide his legs in while in the R2 costume, and it is those little touches that bring these figures to life. But the main focus was on the model kits coming later this year. Each one was striking, capturing the look and feel of the vehicles in the films. Each showing off the different skill levels for the the models. You don’t have to be super into models to do these kits, allowing all skill levels to enjoy building fleets of Star Wars vehicles. Along with the kits there will be tool and coloring kits available and they are also looking into doing tutorial videos for those collectors who want to take their model building to the next level.

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