Toy Fair 2017: In The Booth With DC Collectibles

By kastor417 - February 24, 2017

If you are looking for high end collectibles, DC Collectibles has just about everything you need.

Most of the DC Collectibles booth was filled with higher end collectibles spit between the DC films and comic art. Most of the new movie statues were centered around the upcoming Wonder Woman and Justice League films, giving fans a much better look at Cyborg and Aquaman. We also get to see all the details in the movie Flash costume, which appears to be more of a thrown together suit than the super suit CW’s Flash wears, reaffirming he is the rookie of the team. What was missing from the movie section of the booth was action figures. Last year we saw the beginning of the DC Films line, but due to poor sales the line was shelved after the initial figures were release. Though not directly cited as a reason there has been so much movie product released it left fans divided over what figures to get, and in most cases it was the first to the table that got all the attention.

Moving to the other figures lines both the Icons and Animated line will go through a little bit of a change. The single figures won’t be the focus going forward, they will be replaced with iconic moments or multipacks. It was clear from the booth that the lines are going through the change, and with so many already released it make sense to make the change and keep those lines going. The Animated line will see more sets like the Gotham Police Station set and two packs, like Superman and Lois. And although there is a shift in the figure releases the bigger items are doing well, so much so that we will see a Batcave diorama soon in comic shops. Much like the old Batcave play sets, it will come with an exclusive Alfred, and no he will not come single packed later on in the line. The Icons will be moving to the Iconic Moments idea, giving fans figures, accessories, and mini diorama parts. The first of the change will be the death of Superman with both Superman and Doomsday. The last of the single figures will be Nightwing and Supergirl, the rest of their waves previewed at SDCC have been shelved for the time being, including Booster and Blue Beetle. Hopefully they will make their way back into the line, but with out more collector support the line will start to cut back even more.

What is thriving for the company are the statues based on the Bombshells and the Black and White designs (and a little Red). The Covergirls line is ending with Death, and will be replaced with a new line which will be announced later this year, while the Bombshells continue to go strong with a new Starfire coming out that is sure to be a big seller. The Batman Black and White continues this year with a classic looks and fun twists on the Caped Crusader. The Harley Black White and Red line was also a standout in the booth.

It was a little disappointing to here how the market is impacting the line, but there is hope. The DC Collectible team is always looking for new ways to get the items to fans. So this is the time to let your money support the lines so all the cool stuff we see at these shows make into your collection.

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