Toy Fair 2017: Details On Mezco’s Latest One:12 Collective

By bill - February 20, 2017

Get another look– and some new details– on the latest additions to Mezco’s One:12 Collective.

We covered Mezco Toyz’ amazing 2017 offerings at their pre-Toy Fair press event last week, but the new additions to their One:12 Collective deserved a second look on the floor at Toy Fair. While I was at Mezco’s booth, I caught up with Project Manager Pierre Kalenzaga, who answered a few questions about the premium 6″ scale action figure series.

2017 marks the third year of The One:12 Collective, and some of the sub-sets, like Marvel, DC and Star Trek– are starting to accumulate in numbers.  So what are the odds whether earlier, sold-out figures– like Mr. Spock or Dark Knight Returns Batman– will be reissued somewhere down the line?  It’s too early to tell; Pierre said that as The One:12 rapidly expands, the team at Mezco has been so busy jumping onto the next new project that they haven’t really had the time to look back.  The limited run nature of these figures is in-line with other high end toy lines like we’re seeing with Hot Toys and Sideshow, so I wouldn’t be surprised if The One:12 releases remain one and done… although the Ascending Knight Batman proves it’s possible we could potentially see the same character return to the line in a new style.

Also worth noting, most of the non-movie One:12 figures will continue to have variants in 2017 and 2018.  While Mezco hasn’t revealed any of those just yet, names like War Machine and Silver Centurion were certainly discussed in terms of the fantastic One:12 Iron-Man.

One of the big changes to the previously-revealed One:12 figures this year revolved around the Ghostbusters.  Originally slated for release in 2017, Mezco decided to move them back a year, as they proved more complicated than they had predicted.  I think it’s great that they made this decision early on, and while their Ghostbusters look fantastic already, I respect Mezco’s choice to give these toys the time they need to become the definitive 6″ Ghostbusters toys.  The other upside of this delay?  Mezco is now going back to the drawing board in terms of how they want to release the team.  Originally, they planned to release the ‘Busters individually over the course of the year, but the extra time has allowed them to look into alternate release methods, such as a box set of the entire team together.

That’s the latest we’ve got on The One:12 Collective.  Check out our gallery of Mezco’s awesome Toy Fair display below… and leave your best guesses as to what variants Mezco might have up their sleeves in the comments below!

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