Toy Fair 2017: Entertainment Earth’s PinMates Are A Peg Above The Rest

By bill - February 20, 2017

EE’s retro wooden minifigures were the star of the show at their booth at New York Toy Fair.

Entertainment Earth had a solid showing of collectibles on display at Toy Fair, ranging from their retro 3.75″ action figures such as Twilight Zone and KISS, new items like the stackable, stylized Tiki Tiki Totems based on the heroes of the Marvel and DC universes, and even two sets of action figures based on the stars of Shark Tank.

But the biggest display was the new additions to the PinMates collection.  Now in its second year, these peg-shaped figurines– reminiscent of the classic Fisher Price people– are adorable, and the new waves will build on the Marvel and DC collections, as well as properties like Dexter, Twilight Zone, KISS, and more.  The Marvel figures will continue to be based on both the Marvel Cinematic Universe (including Guardians of the Galaxy and Civil War), as well as comic style figures such as Deadpool, the Guardians, and more.

Likewise, DC will be split between comic and movie-style figures, which will feature Batman ’66 and this summer’s Wonder Woman.  PinMates will also expand beyond just figures, to feature vehicles and playsets, as well.  Like the vintage Fisher Price toys, PinMates’ vehicles and dioramas will sport holes the figures can plug into, and they will include Wonder Woman’s white horse (in a deluxe set with Steve Trevor and a backdrop), a Batmobile (with Batman and Robin), the Milano (with Star-Lord and Yondu… and room for the rest of the team), and the big centerpiece– a wooden Hall of Justice which can display your Justice League on the inside or outside.

Entertainment Earth had a ton of success with their wooden dancing Groot puppet last summer at Comic Con, and they’ve been inspired to launch an entire series of these puppets, as well.  DC staples like Superman and Wonder Woman will be joined by Iron-Man, Deadpool, Captain America, and more Marvel heroes.

See the complete Toy Fair display from Entertainment Earth below, and follow this link to preorder the latest products at today!

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