Toy Fair 2017: On The Floor With Quantum Mechanix

By bill - February 20, 2017

New Q-Figs, a huge expansion of 12″ Star Trek figures and more collectibles shared the spotlight at QMx’s Toy Fair showcase.

Quantum Mechanix caught my eye a year ago with their diverse and incredibly well crafted assortment of collectibles.  I’m particularly partial to the Q-Figs, an adorable animated chibi spin on the DC and Marvel universes, as well as more characters like the Serenity crew from Firefly, Harry Potter, and more.  2017’s Toy Fair booth showed off the newest Q-Figs like Spider-Man, as well as the upcoming Supergirl, the first Marvel Netflix release Daredevil, and an incredible Warner Bros animation set–  Pinky and the Brain featured standing on top of Brain’s most recent blueprints for world domination.

The area where QMx seems to be expanding most aggressively was with their 1:6 scale dolls.  2016 saw the release of Mal from Firefly, as well as Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock from the original Star Trek.  The former will be joined soon by Jayne, while the latter will add Mr. Sulu and Scotty to the crew.  Also on display was a remarkable accurate Chris Pine Kirk from Star Trek Beyond, as well as Kirk and Spock in their Wrath of Khan uniforms.

But there’s also some brand new properties getting the high end 12″ scale treatment.  Captain Picard and Mr. Data will be the first releases from Star Trek The Next Generation, and they’ll be joined by Wesley.  No, not Wil Wheaton… the dashing hero from The Princess Bride!  The portrait of Cary Elwes was stunning, and I cannot think of a more perfect interpretation of the former Dread Pirate Roberts than what QMx has created. I’d love to see more characters from the classic movie released in the future… the prospect of an in-scale Inigo Montoya and Fizzik to join Wesley is a truly exciting prospect.

There was a lot more in the QMx booth as well, including crazy cool statue replicas of the Millenium Falcon and Futurama’s Planetary Express which were probably the most accurate and highly detailed collectibles I have ever seen based on these iconic ships.  See them and more in our QMx gallery below:

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