Toy Fair 2017: New Game of Thrones, Witcher & More From Dark Horse

By bill - February 20, 2017

Dark Horse Deluxe showed off some brilliant new collectibles whether you’re building a space armada, wild hunt-ing, or vying for the throne.

While they’re predominantly known as one of the largest and longest-running indie publishers in the comic book industry, Dark Horse has also made a name for themselves as purveyors of a vast range of toys, statues, and collectibles as well.  And their showcase at New York Toy Fair showed off some great new additions to some of their most popular lines of collectibles.

2017 will see new releases in the Halo and Mass Effect ship collections, painstakingly detailed mini statue versions of some of the most iconic ships from both game series.  Elsewhere in the video game world, last year’s line of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt items will continue with new 7″ figures, and a great new bust of Geralt wielding not a sword but a hand of playing cards.

One of the longest running properties from Dark Horse is their fantastic Game of Thrones collection.  New 7″ figures slated for release this year include Tormund (in July) and Melisandre (in August).  I was very pleased to also see some of the main characters from the hit HBO series get updates, starting with an all new figure of Daenerys in her Dothraki costume, also scheduled for August.  Jon Snow isn’t getting a new 7″ figure (yet) but his Season 6 look is captured brilliantly in an action packed bust straight out of the Battle of the Bastards.  Between the likeness to Kit Harrington, the mid-scream expression on his face, and the flow of Jon’s sword and hair, this is one of the most kinetic statues I’ve seen in quite some time.

Also from Game of Thrones are new sets of glassware, and a bronzed statue of Hodor designed as a doorstop.  I know… it’s still too soon.

Nothing was on display just yet, but Dark Horse did have a major Toy Fair license announcement, as well– they will be releasing a line of collectibles based on the upcoming Starz series American Gods.  What will we see in the collection? That remains to be seen, but based on the Neil Gaiman novel and what we’ve seen of the Starz show thus far suggests this property will be a perfect fit for Dark Horse.

Check out photos from the Dark Horse booth at Toy Fair below:

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