Toy Fair 2017: Jakks Pacific Shows Off Big Figs, Nintendo & More

By bill - February 21, 2017

Check out some of the coolest products on display from Jakks Pacific at New York Toy Fair!

Jakks Pacific showcased a wide variety of new products in their 2017 Toy Fair booth.  From the dancing Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, to the wearable kid-sized WWE muscle shirt with sound effects courtesy of John Cena, the toymaker’s new offerings were filled with cool, interactive concepts.

The interactive approach even carried over to existing properties, such as the long-running (and much beloved) World of Nintendo.  Splatoon is the source of a new range of toy splat shooters, rubber squids, and splat packs… while older Nintendo fans will surely be stoked by the new World of Nintendo figures due this spring, set to include a blue Yoshi Hatchling, Dr. Mario, and Larry Koopa, the first Koopaling to join the toy line.

Also in the collector’s realm, Jakks showed off several new Big Figs from their DC collection.  The Amazon exclusive series is continuing with a metallic deco variant of The Flash in February (order yours here), and in March, a Superman variant with a soft goods costume and cape in March (up for preorder now).

While nothing was shown, Jakks confirmed they will continue the Star Wars Big Fig line next fall in support of Episode VIII.  In the meantime, the Scarif Shoretrooper and Hovertank Pilot from Rogue One will hit mass retail this spring, after trickling out at select locations over the past few months.

Whether we’re talking collectors or parents, the other toy Jakks offered which is SURE to be beloved by many grown ups is Dusty, the “Real Workin’ Buddy.”  A dump truck designed to scoop up and collect all those blocks, parts, and pieces left on the carpet after playtime, many a parent I know will adore Dusty, who can make picking up after playtime a game into and of itself, something I am SURE many parents could appreciate.

Check out our gallery of Jakks Pacific’s Toy Fair showcase photos below.  There’s three more DC Big Figs coming to the Amazon exclusive series later in 2017… who do you think they’ll be? Make your guesses in the comments below!

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