Toy Fair 2017: LEGO Superheroes: Marvel Vs. DC

By kastor417 - February 19, 2017

LEGO always puts on a good show at Toy Fair and once again the Superheroes took center stage.

There have been a lot of releases over the last few weeks from LEGO focused on the upcoming Superhero sets, so there was not a lot in the show room we have not already seen. But the big reveal was the first look at the two Spider-man Homecoming sets. The first set is a smaller build which includes Spider-man and the Avenger disguised thugs. I wish they came with all four from the trailer, but these two will do. The other set features two villains and two heroes from the film. Iron-Man has new body painting, but uses the same helmet from the other MCU sets. Vulture’s wings are massive and a nice build design, and the final figure was blacked out on the boxes, but a little yellow spilled out from under the sticker.  The top of the box shows Vulture tied up with the figure, so it appears it could be Shocker. The other Marvel sets based on Guardians of the Galaxy were on display, as well as come comic sets that are in stores now.  We already picked up a couple on the way down to the show, so look for reviews coming soon. There will two more Marvel sets based on Thor Ragnarok hitting stores on 8/1/17, priced at $49.99 and $59.99.

DC also had some space but no sets were shown for Wonder Woman (the set have been rumored to be retailer exclusives) and though no details were provided, there will be three Justice League sets priced at $19.99, $49.99, and $129.99. The DC Super Hero Girls had a lot of space, showing off more playsets and vehicles, making this the DC line to beat, bridging the gap between girls and boys toys in the LEGO shelves. All the LEGO Batman Movie sets were also on display, it was great to see the super Batmobile in person, but nothing new was shown, suggesting this line might be complete until the next film comes out.

Overall the LEGO Superheroes had an impressive showing, but because of the all the movie sets being released already, there were not a lot of surprises to be found.

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