Toy Fair 2017: LEGO Themes Continue To Grow

By chrismull - February 23, 2017

Superheroes were a big draw but the other themes are growing with some impressive new builds.

The LEGO lines continue to grow making a richer experence for each of the themes.

Nexo Knights

This year the line continues the theme moving on the to Stone Monsters. The new villains along with Jestro take on the knights will all new vehicles and weapons. The first wave has been on shelves for the past few weeks, with more coming this summer. The new castle is amazing, is looks larger than the first knight rolling castle, with a Merlok mech.



City is moving to the jungle and the water this year. The Jungle complete with big cats and some ruins expands the world of LEGO City. The evergreen sets of police and city workers will get some updates, but the star of the line will be the jungle sets.

Pirates of the Caribbean 

The first set from the fifth Pirates movie is a rather larger set, much larger than the previous ships. It is the first one to mimic the look of the ghostly pirates will need some technic bricks to help hold it up. Along with the first ship from the film there will also be Brickheads coming this summer.


This looks like there was no Ninjago sets at the show, but this is all we can show you. The most of the Ninjago sets are based on the upcoming film, and will rival the scope and original designs of the LEGO Batman Movie sets. They won’t be as iconic as the LBM sets but the builds are just stunning, from stone watch dogs, to amazing mechsuits Ninjago Movie sets will be hard to pass on later this year.

Star Wars

The Star Wars line is always reinventing itself, expanding the huge list of chracters and movie scenes. This year is no different, with sets from all the films along with Rebels, Freemakers, and Episode VIII. The newest film had no sets on display but will sure to be out in time for Force Friday in September.

There are a lot of sets to get this year, and the trick will be to find room to display all the new minifigures and sets.

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