Toy Fair 2017: Hasbro Marvel Booth Report

By chrismull - February 23, 2017

The Hasbro Marvel booth was one of the busiest spots at Toy Fair this year, and all the excitement was over Marvel Legends of all shapes and sizes.

Marvel Legends was by far the hardest booth to take pictures at this year at Toy Fair. There have been rumors and talk about what figures will fill out the Spring and Summer Marvel Legends wave, and we were unsure what they would have to show after all the releases last week, but the Hasbro Marvel team came through with some amazing stuff. For those of you worried the 3.75 line is over, its not and it is giving fans some smaller versions of the Spider-man that 6 inch collectors just got. The movie lines are also continuing, with two packs at major retailers, giving fans their first MCU Guardians in this scale.

The Spider-man Homingcoming Legends wave fills out with some comic characters giving collectors their first Tombstone, classic Beetle, and mondern Moonknight. The Guardians wave 2 fills out the team along with a father son 2 pack, making Ronin the only Guardians character we don’t have yet. Two new Marvel Netflix characters were added to the wave, Daredevil and Electra, while the final 2 or 3 will be comic based. We tried to figure out the BAF, but the only thing we found out was it was not going to be Kingpin.

The 12 inch line continues to grow, replacing the old Marvel Icons. The newer Thor and Hulk  will have multiple parts, making them very versatile. It will allow collectors to pic the look and make almost custom looks for the characters.

The Legends brand is growing and after this year it seems like the only line that has not only improved, but is thriving. It was the talk of the show and sure to be the line that sets the standard for years to come.

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