Toy Fair 2017: Inside Mattel’s Collectors Event

By bill - February 21, 2017

Mattel showed off their latest releases from Halo, WWE, DC, Fast and Furious, Mega Construx and more at their Collectors Event at Toy Fair.

Matty Collector may have ended in 2016, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have tons of new collector friendly toys on deck this year.  Their Toy Fair event showcased the newest reveals from many of Mattel’s toy brands, ranging from Hot Wheels to Halo, WWE to the DC Super Hero Girls.

The next wave of Halo figures– both 6″ and 12″– will be hitting retail soon, and Mattel revealed Jerome-092 and Atriox as well for the third series coming later in the year.  The other major announcement from Mattel was a new wave of Target exclusive WWE figures, based on the NXT Takeover theme.  These figures will be released in both basic and Elite formats, and they will be joined by new waves of wrestlers scheduled for mass retail this spring.  There’s even a second wave of WWE Zombies on deck as well.

Mega Bloks has rebranded as Mega Construx in 2017 and Mattel showed off their very impressive upcoming Destiny collection, along with new sets and minifigures from Halo (even Cortana!).  While no new TMNT sets were shown, the line has performed very well, and we should hopefully see more from that brand before the end of the year.

On the DC front, Mattel featured their Teen Titans Go minifigures, new DC Super Hero Girls (Hawkgirl and Starfire in the 6″ scale, Katana and Frost in 12″), new DC Multiverse figures including a stunning Collect-N-Connect Clayface, and of course, a wide range of Wonder Woman toys.  In addition to a line of Multiverse figures anchored by a C-N-C Ares, the Amazon will be represented in 12″ doll form both with and without horses.  Much like the Suicide Squad Multiverse figures, the Wonder Woman sculpts featured very strong likenesses to the respective actors… especially Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor.  I hope the final products look at good as the prototypes on display.

I was incredibly stoked to see Mattel land the Fast and Furious license, as well.  The die cast cars in this collection cover all seven films, a perfect new avenue for Mattel’s Hot Wheels brand.  I was hoping Toy fair would reveal a new set of the super fun Stunt Stars, larger sized vehicles with magnetic figures to drive (or jump off) them.

Browse our massive gallery of photos from Mattel’s collectors event below… We’ll have more coverage coming soon of their main booth on the floor at Toy Fair, as well, so check back soon.

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