Toy Fair 2017: McFarlane Toys Builds The World of Steven Universe

By junior - February 24, 2017

Steven Universe is probably the last property you’d think would be in the portfolio of McFarlane Toys, but here we are with characteristic environments from the hit series.

Even if Steven Universe is a one-and-done Walmart-exclusive retail experiment, the initial offerings give fans the nuclear group of Steven and his Crystal Gem companions.

The most interesting piece in the collection is Steven’s temple door and warp pad that comes with Rose Quartz, his mother. She brandishes her shield and sword, weapons now adorned by Steven and Connie. This set nicely complements Steven’s house playset, the deluxe dwelling which includes Crystal Gems Amethyst and Pearl.

Another set is Mr. Universe’s van. The father’s humble dwelling is fully recreated when you open the back doors. The packaging does conflict with the prototype, with the box illustrating Garnet and a sleeveless Steven being included, versus the more appropriate prototypes of Greg and his son.

Last but certainly not least, is fan-favorite enemy-turned-Crystal Gem Peridot from the episode Jailbreak. She is in her initial villainous from with limb enhancements and gem destabilizer. Not shown was the Cookie Cat spaceship set. Cookie Cat is a cartoon mascot in Steven’s world who’s story runs parallel to their own adventures. I didn’t think the character was that high profile, but maybe I am missing something.

The line should perform well. There isn’t really much merchandise of the action figure variety for Steven Universe, and the environments are both extremely well-done, and essential to the collection. Time will tell when and where we’ll see supporting characters, fusions, enemies, and of course, Connie and Lion. This collection is a can’t miss for Steven Universe fans.

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