Toy Fair 2017: Ms Marvel, Kill Bill, DC TV & More Coming From Kotobukiya

By bill - February 20, 2017

Kotobukiya’s Toy Fair showcase featured some amazing new Bishoujo, new Art FX, new properties, and a new take on a “Killer” statue.

At New York Toy Fair, Kotobukiya’s booth included a healthy mix of new additions to popular collectible lines, as well as some exciting all-new series.  Between staples such as Star Wars, Marvel, and DC, and other subjects ranging from horror to Street Fighter, Kotobukiya will offer something for every collector in 2017.

Let’s start with DC.  The Batman and Robin Art FX+ will be available within the next month, joining other Batman statues such as the incredible Animated Batman available now.  The New 52 Villains collection is continuing with Black Manta, followed by Gorilla Grodd.  With the release of Grodd, they will switch gears and move away from the New 52 theme, eventually landing in DC Rebirth… but in the meantime we will see some classic characters starting with an absolutely gorgeous Harley Quinn, who will be joined later this year by Poison Ivy.

The DC ArtFX line, based on artwork by Jim Lee, is rounding out with a stunning Hal Jordan Green Lantern releasing this spring, and Katana will join the DC Bishoujo Collection, in a striking armored costume, along with two alternate heads– one with pupils and one with pure white eyes.  One of the most popular DC ArtFX releases of the past was The Joker based on The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. The piece has been in high demand even after selling out, which prompted Koto to re-release it, with slight adjustments to distinguish the new version from the original.  The light effects have been removed (which will reduce the price point of the second edition), and the base adjusted to feature the Red Hood’s helmet and cape.

However, the biggest news on the DC front was that Kotobukiya will be taking on DC’s television properties.  The Gotham Art FX+ line will launch with Jim Gordon, to be followed by Oswald Cobblepot.  And the CW shows will also be represented in a line launching with The Flash and Arrow, as well as Supergirl, who will feature alternate sets of arms to rest her hands on her hips or at her sides.

On the Marvel front, Koto placed the spotlight on the ArtFX “Super Deadpool” statue, a dynamic, deluxe edition of the Merc with the Mouth sculpted in an action-packed mid-leap pose, armed to the teeth with an arsenal of weaponry which can be held in his hands, stored in sheaths and holsters, or skewered into his afro wig.  To add to the silliness of the character, Super Deadpool will also include several signs and other accessories.

The Spider-Man ArtFX+ line will continue with Spider-Gwen in March, an absolutely perfect take on Spider-Man 2099 in August, and Venom by year’s end.  Vision is the next to join the ArtFX statue, while Ms. Marvel was revealed as an upcoming addition to the Marvel Bishoujo collection, slated for release after Squirrel Girl.  Ms. Marvel’s base is a work in progress, but the sculpt itself looked perfect, with a dynamic pose and a flowing scarf that brings a sense of action to the piece.

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hitting theaters this summer, Kotobukiya has debuted a Star-Lord ArtFX statue, sporting an uncanny likeness of Chris Pratt and an adorable Baby Groot sidekick, who can be perched on Star-Lord’s shoulder, or attached to the base of the statue.  This ArtFX release is scheduled near the premiere of the movie in May.

Full color samples of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Flametrooper/ Snowtrooper two-pack was also on display, and looked stunning, with a super-sized flame effect attached to the trooper’s weapon.  The Star Wars display also showcased painted versions of the Force Awakens Han Solo and Chewbacca ArtFX+ two-pack, as well as sculpts of the Rey/ Finn and all-new Poe Dameron/ BB-8 packs.  Before those sets hit retail, we will see several more ArtFX+ statues based on Rogue One, such as K2SO (complete with light-up eyes), and two-packs of Scarif Trooper Commanders and Death Troopers.  The Death Trooper will also be featured as an ArtFX statue, which includes the first toy rendition of Jyn Erso’s Stormtrooper toy from the film.

Rounding out Kotobukiya’s 2017 display were their latest movie and horror properties, including new additions to the Street Fighter Bishoujo Collection, Chucky and Bride of Chucky Bishoujo, and an ArtFX+ Jason Voorhees, following in the horror movie footsteps of Koto’s Aliens statues.

Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill is also getting the Bishoujo treatment, starting with Uma Thurman’s The Bride, wielding a katana dressed in her yellow and black tracksuit.  Kotobukiya hopes to bring more of the fierce female assassins from the Kill Bill series to the Bishoujo Collection, but they are in active talks with Tarantino on that prospect… for the time being, The Bride is the only statue on the agenda, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who would love to see O-Ren or Elle Driver join this series.

Kotobukiya’s 2017 lineup is exciting and diverse, ranging from super heroes to Star Wars to cinema and video games. Regardless of what you’re a fan of, there are sure to be some must-own collectibles among their latest offerings.  See them all in our photo gallery below:

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