Toy Fair 2017: Playmates Brings Even More Voltron Legendary Defender Toys

By kastor417 - February 19, 2017

Voltron Legendary Defender was the surprise hit of the toy aisles this winter, selling out as fast as the stores could fill the shelves, and Playmates assures us there is no end in sight. 

There are times when properties are brought back and the magic hits making them popular again, Voltron is in that sweet spot right now. I was worried that since Power Rangers are still going strong today’s kids would look at this as just a copy of the Rangers, but nope– they are a hit. All the elements of the 80’s show are part of the new Netflix series, and although the Thundercats did not fare as well, Voltron is going strong. The toys are flying out of the stores, prompting Playmates to keep the line going.

The line will expand to the Paladin characters in their flight suits. There will be two versions– figures priced at $9.99 in the basic assortment that will have removable helmets and weapons, and figures that will come packed with their lions. The basics are fully articulated, and look a lot like the vintage figures, making it almost impossible for this 80’s kid to pass up. The team packs of lion and pilot will have helmets sculpted on and the figures will fit in the cockpits.  They will retail for $29.99, with the red and blue lions kicking off the line, the other two limbs coming later this year, and the Black Lion to be priced higher, but it is still be worked on. This pilot lion packs will not combine to form Voltron, but they do look amazing.

The bigger scale will also continue with Playmates looking at Robeasts to join the large sized line. There is a lot coming, and the Voltron shelf pegs are sure to be empty if the success continues.

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