Toy Fair 2017: Playmobil Takes On Ghostbusters, Dragons & More

By bill - February 21, 2017

The beloved and long-running Playmobil breaks new ground in 2017, with their first licensed toy sets for Ghostbusters and How To Train Your Dragon.

There aren’t many toys that give me as much of a warm, fuzzy sort of nostalgia than Playmobil. They were among my favorite toys as a kid. I’d play with them more than anything else in my toy chest, swapping parts to create my own characters and setting them off on grand adventures. Yet despite the charming simplicity of the Playmobil people’s smiling faces, the playsets, vehicles, and accessories which filled out their world were amazingly detailed, and in the decades since Playmobil has added even more intricacy to their toys.

But 2017 sees the toymakers trying something new, adding their first two licensed properties to the Playmobil world. Ghostbusters will be based on the classic film series, and what Playmobil pulled off here is fantastic. Of course, we will see all four Ghostbusters in the line, as well as the Ecto-1, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Slimer with the hot dog stand he raids in the first movie, and what is easily the coolest toy version of the Firehouse ever imagined.  This playset is huge, and packed with film-accurate details that really impressed me.  It was an ambitious showcase, but I loved that despite being so elaborate, Ghostbusters feels satisfyingly self-contained if you add these sets together.

There’s these really cool soft rubber slime splats that will be packed with the sets, which can cling to floors, vehicles, or what have you, which add a fun option to customize your collection.  And Playmobil is going all out with the attention to detail here– each individual hot dog in Slimer’s cart is a separate piece!

How To Train Your Dragon is a newer franchise, although one equally enjoyed both in America and globally, making it another perfect choice for Playmobil.  There’s some really cool stuff going on in this collection– a trio of dragons scaled to seat their riders, a massive viking ship, and the Berk fortress, a great interpretation of the film’s castle, complete with action features, lights, and more.

The Playmobil interpretations of Hiccup, Astrid, Drago and the rest are really fun in a stylized way, but the dragons themselves strike the perfect balance between film accuracy and fitting in with the Playmobil aesthetic.  Toothless and his fellow dragons each include action features, as well, ranging from fire blasts to light up areas.

I was very impressed by Playmobil’s 2017 showcase.  Like I said at the start, this brand has always been near and dear to me, but seeing their latest offerings up close made me realize that they’ve grown as much as I did over the years.  I’m fascinated to see how their Ghostbusters and Dragon sets perform… with toys this well made, thoughtful, detailed and just plain fun, I think they’re going to be a big hit!


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