Toy Fair 2017: Super7 Is Pushing MOTU Forward Perfectly

By junior - March 6, 2017

Super 7 has officially taken the reins from Mattel, steering the little toy line that could, Masters of the Universe Classics, into uncharted waters.

Mattel did establish a benchmark for Classics in 2015 by completing the vintage collection, the Princess of Power Characters, and a plethora of top-tier characters spanning all media representations. There was certainly a question of whether the line could continue. However, in 2016, Mattycollector’s Club Grayskull reignited passion for the brand with the reintroduction of the characters in their FilMation likenesses. This became the low-hanging fruit Super 7 needed when taking over the brand. Accompanying this fortuitous development, many characters from the New Adventures series, the mini-comics, and other concepts will finally see the light of day in this unmatched collection. With Super 7, the best is both back and yet to come.

Super 7 has marked the transition with their 5 Ultimate Edition action figures: He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Faker, and Ram-Man. Done away are the trappings of finding several character variants to obtain singular unique pieces to “build” your perfect version of a character. Here, Super 7 provides just about all the configurations one’s heart desires, only changing paint slightly such as not to ruin the value of the originals. The preorder window has ended for them, but cancelled preorders and Customer Service stock may find their way to the online store.

The calendar year for 2017 consists of alternating assortments of 4 figures per quarter. Q1 and Q3 will be characters in the Classics style, while Q2 and Q4 will contain FilMation cartoon characters. Quarter 1 consists of Avion warrior(s) Hawke (and/or Delora), New Adventures Mutant Quakke, brand new Snake Man Fangor, and mini-comic villain Lodar. The attention to detail and the tooling used is among the best yet, and lacks the compromising part reuse so gratuitous during Mattel’s run (not to be confused with the meaningful part reuse which is a hallmark of the brand). FilMation’s characters for quarter 2 are a brand new Teela (introducing a beautiful new body design shared with Hawke), Duncan/Man-At-Arms, and villains Tri-Klops and Hordak with Imp.

Branching out even further, Super 7 will also be introducing a set of action figures based on the vintage collection aesthetic. These 4 action figures will be cartoon character designs, reverse-engineered to the vintage toy look and feel of the 1980’s. The first 4 characters are the main heroes and villains or Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power: He-Man, Skeletor, Hordak, and She-Ra. The figures are barely out of the prototype stages, with accessories and cosmetic changes still to come.

Super 7 has perfectly realized how to push the Masters of the Universe brand forward. Cherry-picking costumers may not be pleased with the all-in system, but any previous Mattycollector will tell you that a rising tide lifts all boats. The Classics and FilMation lines are continuing. Super 7 added new characters to the vintage collection for the first time in decades. And for those costumers late to the party, the Ultimates collection on vintage card style is attracting buyers new and old. Hats off to Super 7 for a fully realized plan of attack. With this amount of love for one brand, hopefully Thundercats can’t be too far behind.

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