Toy Fair 2017: Transformers For Everyone

By kastor417 - February 23, 2017

The Hasbro showroom had a great balance of Transformers this year, a little something for all ages.

This is a movie year for Transformers and in years past all the focus has been on movie toys, but this year it was clear that collectors, kids, and movie fans all have something to look forward to. The showroom was divided into three parts, each focusing on the three groups of Transformers fans.

I will always be a heart a Generations fan, and there is a lot to be excited about this year, the biggest being Trypticon. The city and dinosaur will tower over all Transformers and eat the Titan Masters. It was clear there was a lot of love for the figure, making sure the G1 look was replicated with modern details. Generation figures first shown at SDCC were on display getting a better look at the updated Kup, and although his vehicle mode is perfect his bot mode is lacking compared to the previous release. The Legends Class also gets some updates with Sea Spray getting the update in the right scale fans have been waiting for, and he got one of the biggest cheers from the crowd. The triple changers will have a full roster also, completing the groups from the 80’s.What is always great to see is how the part reuse allows for more chracters to be made, it also allows for some unique tooling for those big name chracters.

Robots in Disguise is also bringing combiners to the show, bringing the classic 80’s giant robots to a new generation. We also got the first look at some of the Last Knight figures coming later this year. They look to fit in with style and size with the previous movie lines, but offer a greater amount detail to the main chracters. More will we coming as the movie hits theaters this summer and sure to take up some room in the toy aisles.

What was refreshing was the focus on collectors, for fans of the G1 when a movie happens it feels like our lines disappear, but the focus of Hasbro this year is balance. Yes we might see a roll out of more movie products this spring, but the Generations line will not leave fans hanging. There is a lot to get excited for, and with the continued support of larger than life figures, I can’t wait to see what they have planned for SDCC this year!

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