Toy Fair 2017: Universal Kicks Off The Show

By kastor417 - February 18, 2017

Toy Fair kicked off a little early with Universal Studios. All the partner companies got together to show off just a fraction of what we will see at the show this weekend, from Minions to Fast and Furious we got pictures of some fun toys and products for 2017!

The Universal party kicked off Toy Fair 2017 for us, and it was another great event. The highlight of the show was of course the Minions. As part of Despicable Me 3 the banana loving yellow guys were the hit of the show. They took up most of the show room and there was no shortage of things for parents to buy the kids (and themselves). From blind bags to mini Minions to clothing lines, the henchmen of Gru will be everywhere this year. There were hints that the little guys will spend some time in jail, do some Hula dancing, and continue wreaking the general mayhem they are known for.

The Fast and Furious franchise was also a major force in the room. There will be cars, figures, and clothing coming out for the newest film, which capture the look and feel of the film. We took a look at the figure line for the film a few weeks ago and there are more toys on the way. There will also be smaller die cast cars coming to you can pick your favorites to recreate the films’ chase scenes. There will also be bigger figures from Jada based on both Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, which will rival the Funko Pop! line.

Voltron and Trolls also took over the back of the room, showing off a lot of what we have seen in the toy aisles, but also some new items to make sure to catch the attention of the kids on shopping trips. We hope to see more from both lines tomorrow from Hasbro and Playmates, and will look deeper at each of the lines. Funko also revealed new Mummy Pop figures based on the upcoming Tom Cruise film, which might launch the Universal Monsters as a new cinematic universe.

We will have more coming this weekend on these toy lines and more, when we visit the companies as well as offer and in depth look at some of the newest prototypes and samples through the week, so check back often!


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