Toy Fair 2018- Bluefin Brands

By junior - March 2, 2018

Bluefin is always a favorite at Toy Fair. They truly lead the market with products that feature impressive functional articulation, meticulous detail, and a fun factor that makes their product altogether iconic, definitive, and irresistible. 

Standouts for the S.H. Figuarts brand are the the red and green Power Rangers. For the first time the figures now include the human heads of Austin St. John and Jason David Frank for red and green rangers, respectively. Bandai captured the steely gaze of Jason and the confident optimism of Tommy perfectly. One hopes the other four aren’t far behind.

Dragon Ball Super have a few new entries, but Bandai going all the way back to the original series captures my attention. We finally have the original cloud-flying Son Goku, Bulma in her original youthful attire, and Kamesennin. That said, that Majin Buu is pretty. This is a master class in a figure line handled perfectly.

The MegaMan 66mm collection are gorgeous. They are small, but pack all of the articulation and excitement of a Figuarts figure. Though no pictures were allowed, they debuted their first Robot Master in Cutman, along with Vile and Ride Armors for Vile and Megaman X. Ine can hope other robot masters will follow up.

Bluefin also distributes the definitive Storm Collectibles Street Fighter 5 and Mortal Kombat collections. Coming soon are Super Street Fighter 2, Tekken, and King of Fighters entries. Not only are we getting quality fighting game figures, but to finally have a way to put them all in the same sandbox is nothing short of miraculous.

Bluefin will continue to bring the best of Japan to our shores, and we offer them a huge debt. There is no better method of obtaining the best of Dragon Ball, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, anime, and fighting game figures than through them. Bluefin is in a class by itself.

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