Toy Fair 2018- DC Collectibles

By junior - March 2, 2018

DC Collectibles is having something of a shift in focus for 2018. Coming front and center are some beautiful artist spotlight statues and busts, each capturing classic DC characters in new and exciting ways, including raw talent cherry-picked from various shows.

DC Collectibles also brings their world into ours with more outstanding prop replicas. Lastly but certainly not least, new DC action figures return to the forefront, promising a look and scale that should find a home on anyone’s shelf.

The Artist Alley statues are very eye-catching, capturing the styles of Sho Murase, Chris Uminga, and Nooligan (AKA HaiNaNu Saulque) exquisitely. Each have various decos and styles that should please any DC fan. These pieces are real affordable art that can accent any geek’s office desk or comic shelf. This collection comes highly recommended.

Statues and figures from DC’s most memorable moments and popular characters continue to impress. There are PVC and vinyl character-specific ones, Batman Black & White additions, Harley Quinn Red, White and Black entries, as well as the breath-taking multipart New Teen Titans statues based on their iconic comic cover. Millenials, THESE are the real Teen Titans, and each piece is worth every penny. The DC Designer Series have amazing items. In particular, Irene Matar translated Michael Turner’s Supergirl to 3-D expertly.

Immersing us further into their world, the DC Gallery collection debuted a crazy cool life-size Joker bust by Hollywood FX artist Rick Baker. That is the face of a man you do not want to cross. Equally impressive is the Two-Face coin and Joker’s cane (which actually matches the style of the one wielded by their new Joker PVC statue).

The DC Essential action figures are outstanding, building on the exciting new directions our heroes are headed. These are scaled and articulated to better display with Marvel Legends, which should be welcome news for those collectors who want their heroes standing together. Just in time for Superman in Action Comics #1000, the Classic Superman look we all know and love will be in fighting figure form against the new Brainiac figure. Joining them are Batman, Deathstroke, Aquaman, Black Manta, Flash, Reverse Flash, and a smattering of Watchmen characters based on the Doomsday Clock story. Lastly, expressions sets of Batman: the Animated Series Joker and Harley Quinn are ever closer to release, and these are not to be missed.

DC Collectibles are enjoying a rebirth of their own, promising enough of a variety where there is truly something for everyone. While their is partiality to their action figures, their prop replicas, the Artist Alley figures, and the Designer Series statues will floor even the most casual buyer. One can only imagine whay their follow-up at San Diego Comic Con will be.


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