Toy Fair 2018- Funko Expands With Even More In 2018

By kastor417 - February 26, 2018

There is no doubt Funko is everywhere, and when you think the bubble will pop they put out even more. From POP, to Dorbz, to action figures there is something for everyone from Funko!

While we did not get a lot of info about the release dates or the fate of lines like Disney Afternoon or Thundercats Drobz, we did see a lot from Funko. There is no doubt Funko is the company who has grown exponentially over the last few years and show no sing of stopping. There seems like nothing is off the table these days for figures, which range from Pennywise to the Royal Family. There will no doubt be some variants of the Royals as the line continues. We also got a look at some new Bond and Ready Player One items coming soon to stores. The catalog they handed out had a lot more Rick and Morty, even though most of what we saw is at retail now.

The highlight of the booth for me was the retro like Thundercats. Although there is a lot of part reuse, Slythe is a little buff, they look amazing. All that was in the booth were hand painted so there will be some differences when they released in store, but the sculpts look great. This will have to hold me and Tcats fans over until someone gets the rights to make a more complete line.

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