Toy Fair 2018 Jakks Pacific

By kastor417 - February 25, 2018

One of the busier booths at Toy Fair was Jakks Pacific, with not only a lot of Nintendo items but also The Incredibles. 

The main feature of the booth was The Incredibles 2. The figures ranged from dolls down to minifigures, with some fun mid sized figures fitting in with the 3.75 lines. The lines all focus on the family with looks from both films.  Some of the figures also use the powers to give some fun play to toys, like a super stretchy Elastigirl who can be fired using Mr. Incredible.

The World of Nintendo is continuing, with smaller waves but more variety. We will see both lines continue this year, with the next waves on display and a few hints of upcoming figures. Mega Man will be getting some new figures in their old school 8-bit looks. The figures will be sold in 2 packs and have limited articulation. It looks like some of the blast effects can be removed giving some fun options for display. The figures look to be in scale with each other, which will make many fans happy. There are also bigger figures and plush coming for both lines.

Big Fig collectors don’t worry, the lines will continue this year with Star Wars and DC.

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