Toy Fair 2018- LEGO

By kastor417 - March 1, 2018

There is no doubt one of the biggest events of the weekend was the LEGO preview, but it was clear this might be a lean year for LEGO collectors. 

Usually when we walk in the booth we are treated to what is currently out as well as what is to come deep into the year. We were warned before we got to Toy Fair that we would only see things up to June, but we were still hopeful to see a decent amount of new products. What we saw was everything that had been leaked or is on shelves leaving many wondering how bad off is LEGO. No updates on the Lego Batman movie line, no new DC product at all, or Marvel for that matter. Considering early March is the release date for all the Avengers sets, it was a surprise to see nothing in the booth.

The big reveal was the new Harry Potter set, the first of 3 sets to be released this year based on the original films, while 2 will be based on the Fantastic Beasts films. Ninjago will continue, Nexo is wrapping up, and the evergreen City will see new sets to keep building out the theme.


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