Toy Fair 2018: Mattel Round Up

By kastor417 - February 25, 2018

This year Mattel invited the press to take a look at their collector lines at Toy Fair, showing off what’s to come for the start of 2018. 

The DC Multiverse is continuing this year, with with store exclusives that will add to the main line Collect-to-Connect figures. What was disappointing was the lack of new DC Multiverse product shown at the event. AFI debuted the Luthor wave months ago, so that leaves us with only 4 new figures shown for the year. With the flood of Marvel figures on the way, Mattel’s DC line was rather disappointing. They also debuted the new Devito Penguin, but no signs of the Linda Carter Wonder Woman. We know the first wave will be Batman and Flash, but no info on the US release dates.

What was not disappointing was the expansion of the Mega Construx Heroes line, with Star Trek and MOTU continuing, but also adding Hellboy, more Aliens, Terminator, Assassins Creed, and God Of War. It appears they are trying to do everything they can to give us the minifigures that Lego can’t or won’t do.

Rounding out the small Mattel showing at the event was Jurassic Park. It looks like we will be getting plenty of 3.57 inch Dinosuars, along with vehicles and figures from the upcoming film. This will be great for you GI Joe collectors and diorama builders.

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