Toy Fair 2018- NECA

By kastor417 - February 26, 2018

NECA continues to put out some of the best sculpted figure on the market today, and at Toy Fair we got to see some of the exciting things for 2018. 

Time and time again collectors are looking for toys that look the most like the source material, and one company seems to nail things 99% of the time. NECA is continuing to challenge the industry to step up their game with each new release. The 14/ scale continues and Daredevil and Deadpool put all other figures to shame, they capture perfectly the chracters look and accessories. We will also see quiet a few Ultimate editions this year, which might be my favorite figures they produce. They not only give you a great figure, but also all the accessories you could ever want.

Their video game and horror film lines will continue adding Crash Bandicoot to the line up. The Kenner inspired Aliens are still in the mix as well as some game chracters from the Predator video game. The Predator King also gets a throne, which looks like a static stature but does have some moving parts. While the Chia Pets and cloth costumes were really tempting the hit of the booth is NECA’s first diorama piece. There is no price but later this year we will be able to buy a city building back drop. The one on display had some TMNT on it but could be used for just about anyone. If this sells well we can hope we get some of the cool Alien and Predator back drops next.

And of course finally how could you not love a Deadpool with a stuffed Unicorn, that wink says it all!


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