Toy Fair 2018- Playmobil Is The Total Package

By kastor417 - February 27, 2018

One line that grows with kids is Playmobil, and this year at Toy Fair they showed off not only the expansion of Ghostbusters and How to Train Your Dragon, but also all the playscapes to create a whole world. 

We took a look at the whole Playmobil booth, and even though we took a lot a time with the Ghostbuster and How to Train Your Dragon, we were blown away by everything in the booth. In addition to both of those lines continuing, yes we will get a sheep launcher, Spirit will get one of the most detailed farm houses in this scale on the market. We also get a full soccer field this year with the same play pattern as last year Hockey set. The field will have room for goalies, two field players, and sports ball wells on the edges and a felt field. The

Monsters also get their own playset with two packs they remind me of the Universal Monsters sets from when I was a kid. While the Dinos will sure to be a big hit the set that really blew me away was the Aquarium sets. The largest of the sets allow for the main tank to be filled with water, just making it one of the coolest sets on the market today. I think the fun and innovative ways Playmobil are creating sets, might just be one of the best line of toys for kids on the market!

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