Toy Fair 2019: DC Collectibles

By kastor417 - February 27, 2019

This year at Toy Fair DC Collectibles showed off some new figures, but the statues stole the show. 

DC Collectibles has been a staple in the collecting community for a few decades now, while the toy lines have expanded in the past this year there was a clear shift in focus on the statue lines. One of the strengths that has emerged for DC Collectibles is the alternative looks of their characters, giving collectors colorful and creative designs on the the classic characters. Collectors are know for focusing on one character, Nightwing is everywhere in my house, but at some point when all the costumes are the same I do question why I have some many.

From the classic look of the Designer Line, to the Bombshells, to the Artist Alley there is something for everyone. They all give collectors a new way to look at the DC roster, in every scale and price point. The Engines of Chaos, one of the newest statues lines, takes a look at a DC Universe where the world has ended but some are still alive. While this just looks like some cool new design, the DC Collectibles team is working up a whole storyline that I can hope will be a book at some point. It looks like a mix of fairy tale and steampunk and has me very intrigued.

In the figure realm the Essentials line will continue with Harley and Nightwing coming out this week, but also the introduction to the Lucha Explosiva line. The first six figures match up the Trinity with Deathstroke, Metallo and Cheetah. The little nods to the classic wrestling style along with some creative accessories make this one of the most creative and fun lines coming out this year.

The biggest news to come out of the booth is you will now get to get some DC Collectibles at Walmart. Starting later this year there will be mini blind bags with small versions of the Batman Black and White line at Walmart. You can try to get a few set, but it will be a little harder than finding Lego Minifigures. But the fact that Walmart has opened its doors for one thing has collectors wondering; could we see a collectible section in the store if it does well?

All I know is that after seeing everything in the booth I know I will have to make room for a few new figures and statues in my collection.


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