Toy Fair 2019- Diamond Select Toys

By kastor417 - February 28, 2019

Diamond Select Toys is always my favorite stop at Toy Fair this year they did not disappoint. 

Diamond Select Toys is always one of my favorite stops at Toy Fair. It is one of the most diverse companies out there today with a little something for everyone from statues, to action figures, to great display pieces. The lines are ever expanding, this year saw the inclusion of Bruce Lee and John Wick to the Select lines. With each new property come new articulation points and increased value for the Select lines, which makes this years price increase more bearable.

The sting of the loss of Toy R Us was felt though with less Minimates in the booth as well as what looks to be the end of the end of the Tarantino lines. Good news though Walgreens is continuing their partnership with DST, which means more Minimates overall but exclusive to that one retailer, and Select exclusives for the various lines. Ghostbusters was missing from the booth, but it is unclear if/when more will be coming out, but there is plenty to make for all the fans out there, especially with a new film on the way. The first Vinimates from the Burton Batman films is on the way continuing the DC Movie section of Vinimates, as well as more alternate looks for the Batman.

Of all the statues the one that stole the show was the Premier Line Iceman. The Goblin Queen, Hobgoblin, and Beast were all impressive, but Iceman was something most of the people in the booth could not take their eyes off of. Kingdom Hearts was also in full swing with statues, Selects, and Minimates, taking a lot of room in the booth. This year will see a focus on the newest installment of the franchise, but might see a return to the older games once these are on shelves.  And before you worry too much Tron Donald is still in the mix just looking for a home. Finally we also got a look at all the Gentle Giant items which will be put out now by DST going forward. Luke and Rey were the standouts, and can’t wait to see what comes next.

Every year when I go to the show I make a list of things I want to start saving for through out the year and DST might be getting most of my money in 2019 and 2020.

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