Toy Fair 2020: Bluefin

By junior - March 5, 2020

Bluefin shows that success breeds success. As a long-time fan of Tamashii Nations, it continuously impresses me how they can put out consistently amazing figures in multiple expressions. Be it Saint Seiya, Gundam, Dragon Ball, Godzilla, or Sailor Moon, every piece exudes charm, brilliance, and value for fans young and old.

Gundam has a long history in anime, and there is a bottomless well of riches to be found. The evergreen Gunpla model kits range in varying degrees of size, intricacy, and paint and decals required. Now comes Gundam Universe, a truer action figure subseries in the universal 6-inch scale. Move over Batman and Wolverine, because I think Shining Gundam will be moving in soon on my shelf!

Bandai Japan is shrewdly continuing its highly-successful S.H. Figuarts DragonBall series with select new entries including the 7 titular orbs that summons the wish-granting Shenron. Every release includes all the pieces requires to recreate their signature poses, attacks, and attitudes. Showcased additions include a couple of Son Gokus, Ginyu, a towering Vegeta as Great Ape, and Jackie Chun. If you want to find the Dragon balls yourself, a Proplica series Dragon Radar is being made as well. Authenticate your cosplay today.

Line extensions aren’t limited to Figuarts. Street Fighter, Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Cold Case are outstanding pieces of art, but wait! There’s  more! Figuarts Minis expand as well. They are super-deformed versions of anime standouts. Coming soon are characters from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Demon Slayer, Fate Grand Order, and Sailor Moon, among others. Figuarts Zero showcases Fate Grand Order’s Gilgamesh and One Piece’s Three Admirals.

Coming along for the ride is Storm Collectibles’ multitude of video game properties. For a comparatively newer company, Injustice, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Golden Axe are among the licenses in their impressive portfolio. I was personally hoping for Darkstalkers, but good things come to those who (continue to) wait. Mortal Kombat’s massive Kintaro is the latest proof that no detail goes ignored. Also, Flame Toys’ dynamically styled Transformers make their appearance. Megatrons, Optimus Primes, Hot Rod, and Devastator, among others, look equal parts beautiful and strong. The diecast parts really add meaningful texture and weight to the robots in disguise.

Bluefin once again delivers on product embraced the world over. Each collection is expertly crafted, and their universal appeal is plain to see. These figures do have a slight uptick in cost at times, but you won’t find more definitive figures and models on the market today.

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