Toy Fair 2020: DC Direct

By jman - March 3, 2020

DC Collectibles was back at Toy Fair this year not only with new products, but a new (or is it old?) name aswell:  DC Direct.  Regardless the moniker, the DC goods were on display in New York. New additions to the Batman: the Animated Series line (the Batman Who Laughs and Knightfall Batman), the long running Bombshells (a new Harley Quinn and a wicked cool Ollie and Black Canary statue) alongside the new figure line based on DC Deceased, the only downside to the booth was the noticeably scaled back assortment.  Here’s hoping with the name change, we can get DC Direct back to its former glory.

What we got out of going to the booth is DC Direct is going back to what they do best, making high end collectibles for fans of comics. The statue lines both big and small looked stunning, capturing both DC Comics new and old. The figure offerings while smaller, had a lot to offer fans who have been collecting for years.

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