Toy Fair 2020: Diamond Select Toys

By kastor417 - March 7, 2020

We saw a lot of Minimates at the Diamond Select booth this year at Toy Fair and some very cool figures and statues. But again lots of Minimates.

This year at Toy Fair Diamond Select Toys did an amazing job giving collectors a variety of items to buy.

One of the big things in the booth that I was really excited to finally see packaged was the Sony Spider-man video game Marvel Select figure. We saw concepts of this figure a few years ago and knowing it’s finally coming is very exciting.

There also a few more kingdom hearts things on the horizon a couple figures and a new bust. The Deadpool statues based on Ryan Reynolds films were also very impressive, along with a Hugh Jackman Logan that we could not show what was on display. X-Men animated busts continue with Sabertooth which was massive next to the Wolverine. One of the highlights in the booth were the new Lord of the Fings figures. If the quality and detail hold out in production, these might become some of the definitive figures for Lord of the Rings fans.

And of course the highlight for me was all the Minimates in the booth. They were able to show off the next three waves, one of which we had only seen concept art for and the other two were new for everyone. As a Minimates collector I know there’s been some doubt on whether or not the line will continue, so it was exciting to see these three waves.  I think the commitment to keeping Minimates going is still there so hopefully moe than the diehard fans will support it so the line can continue.

I want to thank Zach, Chuck, and everybody else a Diamond Select for a great Toy Fair showing this year and looking forward to a lot that was on display in the booth becoming part of our own collection


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