Toy Fair 2020: Lego

By jman - March 6, 2020

This year LEGO had a different set up and booth at Toy Fair. It was bright and spacious showing off a few new things for 2020.

LEGO had a lot to offer but not a lot to show off this year, all due to so many properties not wanting spoilers out there. We saw most of what is on the shelf right now, as well as a look at the Minions. The new line is a mix of brick built minifigures, and some cool giant Minions that double as play sets. The other big reveal in the booth is the Razor Crest. We will be getting a Child mini figure as well as some bounties in carbonite. The ship boosts multiple levels and a decent amount of minifigures. We also got a peek at some new Venom builds and the next wave of collectible minifigures.

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