Toy Fair 2020: Mattel Shows Off The Classics

By junior - March 4, 2020

Mattel celebrates a remarkable 75 years in the competitive toy industry at Toy Fair 2020 with Masters of the Universe, Imaginext and Barbie. The breadth of products have certainly evolved from its early days. Mainstays like Barbie and Hot Wheels still make an impact, and Masters of the Universe is making a triumphant return for 2020! In addition, Mega Construx, WWE, Wonder Woman 84, Creatable World, and Jurassic World round out an impressive line up.

Masters of the Universe Origins will arrive in Walmart stores first circa October 2020. Appearing alongside 2 Netflix He-Man series, He-Man will be available in several expressions: mini-figures, a re-imagining of the vintage line, and a Mega-Construx dedicated sub-line.

The action figures collections have lot to offer. WWE continues unabated. As in years past, fans will get a fresh offering of popular of new and exciting superstars in show-accurate attire, available in basic and Elite styles. Jurassic World has copious dinosaurs available in the spring
and fall, each with their own distinct action moves and sounds with a twist of a tail. Mega Construx adds more Pokemon and the brand new Game of Thrones to its Heroes line up that already includes a potpourri of properties: TMNT, God of War, Alien, Predator, and Star Trek, among others. A standout is an impressive Imaginext Batcave, including power lever action features, an interactive Bat-computer, and its massive scale.

The doll brands are as exciting as ever. We are all in various shapes and sizes and Barbie and Creatable World strive to give everyone a doll that represents each and every one of us. Be it handicapped, muiltipigmented, multiethnic, famous familiar, marginalized, even with selectable gender: all are here and all are beautiful. It really captures the imagination. Wonder Woman 84 dolls were a surprise, too. Three dolls debuted: Wonder Woman in regular outfit and golden eagle armor, as well as Kristen Wiig’s…Barbera Minerva. No Cheetah in sight yet. The suspense builds!

Mattel is fascinating in that it appears that it embraces its roots, but at the same time, they create toys that embrace what is going on today. Be it current media, Elon Musk’s cybertruck (Hot Wheels in 1:10 and 1:64 scales), or the current-world aesthetics embraced so readily, their expression and imagination is contagious and felt on the floor. More than hip, more than modern, more than evergreen, and more than experimental: Mattel toys in 2020 are straight-up fun.

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