Toy Fair 2020: McFarlane DC Multiverse

By kastor417 - March 6, 2020

Mcfarlane Toys had a few new DC Multiverse figures to show off this year at Toy Fair teasing a few, and giving us an update on the rest of 2020.

In the booth the main feature was the DC Multiverse display. We got to see a mix of both new and old figures.The new ones came from the White Knight storyline from the comics and gave us some new versions of Batman and Joker. We also got a new look in person at the Wonder Woman movie figures, which did good job capturing the movie likeness.

During the tour we pushed for information about the rest of 2020, since what was out on display was less than what we saw at launch. There are up to 11 more figures that are scheduled for this year that they couldn’t announce at this time. We’re hoping those will include things outside the Batman world, since most of it was on display was from the world of Gotham.

The other big piece of news that came out of this is their rethinking the build a Batmobile section of the line. They said they didn’t get a lot of good feedback from collectors, and since this is a collector baseline they’re trying to give the fans what they want. They’re looking at options for possibly build-a- figures or something else at that price point. There hasn’t been enough time to let us know if the Raptor will be the only vehicle but they’re monitoring sales as they go. The other piece of news that we found out was the Harley Quinn figure from the new film has been delayed.  There were some issues with the likeness and design and Warner Bros. wanted to get it right, rather than releasing a figure that didn’t look right so they’re holding off on it.

They were also not giving specifics on whether or not we would see more from the CW or the Animated corners of the DC Multiverse. The reason for the inclusion of all these figures in wave one was to give fans an assortment of different types of looks for the characters, showing off what was possible for the line. Only time will tell whether or not fans embracing Mcfarlane style, but from what we saw In the booth there’s no doubt they’re committed to giving us a wide variety as well as trying out new things with the figures.

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