Toy Fair 2020: McFarlane Toys

By bill - March 3, 2020

Obviously, DC was a major focus for McFarlane Toys at Toy Fair this year, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have lots of other cool stuff on display. From video games to the return of Spawn to the toy world, McFarlane’s booth featured enough new products to leave anyone excited.

In addition to the ongoing, highly successful Fortnite collection, McFarlane also shined a spotlight on the upcoming Cyberpunk line, which looks outstanding in bright yellow, minimalist packaging that will really stand out on shelves at retail. And the figures contained inside are equally great, with awesome, game accurate sculpts and a fun chase edition of Johnny Silverhand that trades in his guitar for a gun and tactical suitcase.

The Mortal Kombat 11 line performed well beyond expectations, and we’ll see Baraka and Kitana join the line in 2020, as well as a game-accurate Spawn, the first fully articulated action figure of Todd McFarlane’s comic book creation we’ve seen in years. Scorpion and Sub Zero both featured cool variants early in the life of this series, and McFarlane is planning to continue this pattern for newer figures. The variety of colorways and style of the Spawn skin in the game came up as one potential well they may draw from.

Speaking of Spawn, possibly McFarlane’s biggest news out of Toy Fair was the plan to release an all new, highly articulated comic book accurate Spawn figure as a tribute to the first Todd Toys release from back in 1995. While details such as articulation, scale, and price are yet to be determined, this information should be coming shortly after Toy Fair along with the launch of a Kickstarter to support the production.

The biggest surprise for me, personally, was that McFarlane has also acquired the rights to Warhammer 40k action figures. They had an Ultramarine figure on display next to what I thought was a prototype… but no. They’re actually releasing a grey primed, Paint It Yourself edition of the figure, as well! Stock up on those Citadel paints, because this sucker is massive, clocking in at around 7″ tall.

While DC remains McFarlane’s biggest focus right now, there were so many gems elsewhere in their Toy fair showroom. Check out photos from their display right here.

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