Toy Fair 2020: Spin Master DC Comics and Batman

By kastor417 - March 7, 2020

Spin Master had one of the most impressive displays at Toy Fair this year rounding out so many DC Comics characters it makes you wonder who else can they make?

The ever expanding DC world at Span Master is going to keep collectors busy this year. We got a peek at the rest of 2020 under the creature theme for Batman, but there is a huge push to get out members of the Justice League. We will be seeing more deco changes to the line, but we get some obscure and fun members of Gotham and beyond.

What is truly exciting is these won’t break the bank. They at at a good price point that make it easy to add them to the shopping list for parents and collectors. I can’t wait to see how the lines expand and hope to see the DC heroes outside of Target soon.

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