Toy Fair 2020: Super Impulse

By kastor417 - March 7, 2020

Super Impulse had an impressive showing at New York Toy Fair. There was  a lot to see in the booth bringing back memories of being an 80s kid.
So what do you do with the Worlds Smallest action figure? You put it on your desk, as with many of the toys from this company you might not have room to work.

Super Impulse showed off some of the new video game cabinets, of course small scale, and I have to say they were one of the most impressive things I saw at the Toy Fair this year. They were able to capture graphics from the original Ninja Turtles arcade game and scale it down into a cabinet that can fit in your hand. Now I know a lot of collectors are buying these little mini video game cabinets for the diorama work, but honestly watching the game play in person you can actually play the game like it feels real. I know if you have bigger hands it might be harder to do a good job, but I’m willing to try.  Again it blew my mind to see those graphics on that tiny screen and working just like the classic game I played in my Dad’s store.

The section that had me the most excited though was their new action figure line. Super Impulse started off a few years ago with Stretch Armstrong and old-school G.I. Joe with the kung fu grip, but they have moved on to full fledge action figures in the ultra tiny scale. We knew that GI Joe and Transformers were coming but at the show they announced Power Rangers, He-man, and TMNT. The new action figures look incredible in that scale, and  they even have a Battle Cat. I can’t even imagine owning a Battle Cat in that scale.

The rest of the tour of the booth was just as impressive from the little mini handheld games that capture the magic of early video games, to re-creating board games of the past in that small scale.

I think what makes these toys so enjoyable is they don’t feel overwhelming like the big lines, and they don’t take up a lot of space. So you can get your favorite characters and not take up a whole space. Look for reviews of the Worlds Smallest action figures coming soon on the website and thank you again Super impulse for the tour of the booth.

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