Mooby & Buddy Christ Join the Minimates View Askewniverse

By jman - September 17, 2014

SONY DSCTwo of your favorite characters have FINALLY (and unexpectedly) been immortalized not only in plastic, but as Minimates, as well.  Yes! That’s right! I’m talking Mooby (the golden calf) and Buddy Christ from Kevin Smith’s View Askew universe!

If your Jay and Silent Bob Minimates have been looking a bit lonely as of late, then fret no longer. Help in the form of fictional theme park and fast food mascot Mooby and Cardinal Glick’s own Buddy Christ are here to keep them (and the rest of your Minimates) company.

Debuting in Kevin Smith’s 1999 film Dogma, Mooby and Buddy Christ are everything that you’ve come to expect from Art Asylum’s Minimates line, excellent detailing in a fun little package. In the past few years, Art Asylum not only has been cramming some serious details into these two inch figures, but accessories, as well.

Unfortunately, that’s not so much the case here with Mooby and Buddy Christ. They’re a little light on the accessories front. But, then again, what do you expect from a mascot and a dashboard ornament? Both figures do come packed with acrylic bases, which is nice, but you really don’t need it with the Buddy Christ (considering that he is a dashboard ornament).

Mooby and Buddy Christ retail for about $9.99 and you can find them at all your favorite online retailers and at your local comic shop. If you’re a fan of Kevin Smith’s View Askew universe and Minimates, I can’t possibly imagine what’s stopping your from picking these guys up.

Now, if we can just get Bartleby and Loki Minimates, everything will be alright with the world. Oh, and Rufus, too. Definitely gonna need a Rufus Minimate.

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