DC Collectibles Armored Lex Luthor Review (DC Collectibles)

By jman - September 4, 2014

dc-collectibles-armored-lex-luthor-featLook at this thing!  I mean…look at him!  I tell you…this is what I love about action figures.  Monstrosities like this, that have no right existing.  But, thank the makers they do.  Because, to your friendly neighborhood jman, awesomeness like Armored Lex Luthor here is what collecting action figures is all about.

dc-collectibles-armored-lex-luthor-2Over the past few years, DC Collectibles has produced a number of deluxe action figures; Arkham City Solomon Grundy, Swamp Thing and my personal favorite, Darkseid.  And believe you me, Armored Lex stands tall amongst that pantheon of over-sized chunks of plastic.

The effort in detailing in Armored Lex is incredible.  Nicks in the armor and cracks in the paint only add to the realism of the figure. The color scheme is fairly realistic, as well, not the typical bright green and purple of prior Armored Lex figures.

The articulation is typical of DC Collectibles.  Body parts that you might not expect to twist and turn.  I was a tiny bit disappointed his fingers didn’t move, but… that’s just something I’ve got to deal with.

The helmet comes off to reveal what is supposed to be a smirking Lex.  His expression looked a bit better in the production pictures, which is typical.  To me, his actual expression looks less of cockiness and more of “well that didn’t quite go the way I wanted.”  But, again, that’s just me.  It’s not horrible, but I’m probably just gonna leave his helmet on.dc-collectibles-armored-lex-luthor-16

Lex also comes with a detachable jetpack, cuz when you’re taking on the Man of Steel, you gotta be ready to take the fight to the streets skies.  The jetpack fits nicely onto his back, with a power cable that plugs into his arm.  It’s just another nice touch from DC Collectibles.

The one thing I don’t suggest you do once you break this guy out of his box, is think:  “If the suit were real, there’s no physical way Lex could fit into it.”  See…thoughts like that will only end up leaving you a bit perplexed, ruining the illusion of the figure. That’s why it’s probably best for you to suspend your disbelief while playing, photographing, posing your figure with the rest of the collection.

Take it from me.

Armored Lex retails for a pricey $49.99. But, he is worth every last penny you’re gonna spend on him.


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