Toy Story Is Ready For a Fight

By kastor417 - June 10, 2016

Toy Story Kastors KornerNews is coming out of the Tokyo Toy Fair that the Toy Story characters are ready to combine and form a giant robot thanks to Bandai! Head inside for the first official images.

The first images of of the Chogokin Toy story Combination Woody Robo Sheriff Star robot was sent over by Bandai and it looks amazing. each of the 5 characters will transform Voltron style to make a Robo-Sheriff bot. The detailing on the figures and the large figure are everything we come to expect from Bandai, and although it has a hefty price tag it looks to be worth it.

Here are some details from Bandai –

An Chogokin Toy story Combination Woody Robo Sheriff Star

Woody and friends can combine!? A totally wild, only in Japan re-envisioning of your favorite characters from the hit Disney/Pixar Toy Story series! Woody, Rex, Bullseye, Slinky Dog, and Hamm transform and combine to form the giant 230mm tall Chogokin WOODY ROBO SHERIFF STAR! Early orders get a special picture book.Set contains Woody, Bullseye, Slinky Dog, Hamm, and Rex.

MSRP is $170.00.

And for those of you going to SDCC, there will be a chance to pre-order this amazing figure!


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