TPB Pick of the Week: Afterlife with Archie:Escape from Riverdale

By jayq - August 28, 2015

Archie ZombiesArchie is a cultural icon, but he’s something most people who read comics do not mention in a discussion. This book is NOT like any Archie book you have ever read.

Yes, this is the Archie comic for people who don’t read Archie comics. I am one of those few that DO NOT read Archie, but this book was placed in my hands by a very respected comic reader and for this I am glad he did!

Collecting the first 5 issues of AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE VOL.1 see’s something horribly happen to Jugheads dog, Hot Dog. He’s guilt stricken and goes to Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (she was an Archie character years before the sitcom my fellow geeks) and ask to use her magic to bring him back to life. But by her Aunts, it is forbidden and means terrible consequences if ever such a thing happen. Going behind their backs, Sabrina puts a spell on Hot Dog to see if she can help Jughead out, not even sure the spell will work. And mean while, Betty and Veronica continue their feud trying to win over Archie by asking him out to the costume dance on Halloween night. And on that night, public disturbances start happening, fires break out, and it all becomes clear: the town is being invaded by zombies! Now Archie and the gang have to survive and get out of Riverdale before it’s too late.

Francesco Francavalla’s widescreen, duo tone artwork has all the splattery shocks a zombie fan could want, but in the passages of mounting dread between the gore fests, he shows his mastery of mood and nuanced characterization, too. While his name on an Archie comic might sound a bit out of place, it works wonderfully here with the deep almost fluorescent oranges and blacks, his work is always a delight and he brings the whole thing together.

This book was a FUN read and I recommend it for someone who is basically tired of the big two and the crossover events.  JQ gives this book an 8/10.

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