TPB Pick of the Week: Batman Beyond 2.0 Vol.1: Rewired

By jayq - January 22, 2016

Batman-Beyond-2_0Batman Beyond is a hidden gem in the the comic book world. Batman Beyond 2.0 lets readers get a jump start on a great character with a new creative team!

Batman Beyond 2.0 Volume 1: Rewired collects issues #1 through #8 of Batman Beyond 2.0, with the new creative team of writer Kyle Higgins and artist Thony Silas. These events take place after a major fallout between Terry and Bruce. In the comic, Bruce Wayne is still around, but Dick Grayson– the former Nightwing and the original Robin– fills the primary support role. Terry is in college and still trying to balance his “normal” life with being Batman.

We begin with the murder of Mayor William Dusk, while Dusk is touring the new Arkham Asylum. The arc develops into a murder-mystery with a couple of false leads and other plot devices that keep the reader guessing. There’s also a breakout of Arkham, which shows a few villains on the loose, though the story focuses on Kirk Langstrom, the original Man-Bat. We also get a look at The Batmen, a group of villains that look and move like the Batman, Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl in their prime.batmanbeyondrewired

The first story is definitely the better of the two in this volume. It deals with legacies and kids living up to great fathers. The new villain named Rewire is trying to live up to his civic minded father, while Terry, Dick and Barbara’s lives are also defined by their predecessors. Terry is reunited with Bruce to help take down Man-Bat, which is a good way to bring things full circle.

I liked the short backup that closes out the book where Barbara and Dick meet at a diner for a coffee and a reminiscence about old times. For Dick, Barbara’s the one that got away, and you can see he’s always regretted that. Barbara, on the other hand, got married… but you can tell she knows where Dick is coming from.

I stand behind all the Batman Beyond titles, which are amazing and deal with the ever-changing mythos of the DC Universe. Batman Beyond’s place as a future story has allowed it to adjust to the stories that DC tells in the characters’ pasts and presents. JQ gives this story a 9.4/10… When you see the Batmen fight Terry you will be wide eyed and feeling like a kid again!

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