TPB Pick of the Week: Batman: False Faces

By jayq - June 6, 2014

TPB Pick of the Week: Batman: False FacesBruce Wayne has always been Batman’s mask, but what happens when keeping the mask on becomes too much for our hero?

This TPB is written by Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man) making his superhero debut with this Batman story arc. This story had an amazing art team featuring Scott McDaniel (Green Arrow), Rick Burchett (Batman and Robin Adventures), Scott Kolins (The Flash), and Marcos Martin (Batgirl: Year One).

Batman has always found a way to balance his dual identities, so what happens when that balance is tipped and it becomes too much to handle? Batman finds himself against some B and C List Rogues (The Ventriloquist and Mad Hatter), and must keep it together while his own secret life threatens to become a greater adversary then his rogues. Clayface also comes into a new role and Wonder Woman finds herself fighting to survive a crisis of her own identity.

Vaughan tells a story of how dangerous it can be to wear a false face and how lost we can become behind masks.

If you read Y: The Last Man you know Vaughan’s work is AMAZING!! This was actually one of the rare times that I loved the writing more than the art and the art work was superior! This is defiantly a pre New 52 story worth the read! 8.5/10 in my book!


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