TPB Pick of the Week: Grimm Myths and Legends VOLUME 1

By jayq - December 19, 2014

GFT-myths-legends-featZenoscope has given us a new spin on some of our favorite story book characters for a few years now under the Grimm Fairy Tales banner. What happens when an on-fire writer adds her spin? The result is epic!

I have to admit the cover art is why I originally purchased my first Grimm Fairy Tales book, and I am glad the covers got my attention because a good number of them are decent reads. You need to really separate yourself from your Mother Goose versions of these tales and really dive into some pretty messed up twists for these characters. Thankfully, writer Raven Gregory takes us on a journey that will have you wanting more.

Volume One was a really fun read thanks to Gregory’s interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood. The artwork was well done and amazingly detailed. This story is a lot more down to earth as compared to the normal ongoing book. The main character Britney (who was also in GFT issue #1) is interesting and likable, and of the cast a few of the people she works with stood out as interesting.  This story has the feel and story beats of a horror flick, which adds for some good suspense. The action and plot laid out in this arc flowed very well and Gregory again wowed me with her skills.

After the events of Grimm Fairy Tales #50, creatures from the realm of Myst have escaped into our world. Captured by the evil Baba Yaga, they are about to cause major havoc on earth. Britney is working in a treatment center for adolescents. Little does she know that something from another realm has caught her scent and will stop at nothing to find and destroy her before her true purpose is revealed!

There is one point in this trade that drove me nuts, it was how random censorship of swear words was used. You’d assume that in an independent title marketed towards adults there would be none of the “@$%!” things but here it’s used on-and-off, sometimes they have the characters actually say the expletives then for no reason at all other times will use symbols. Now if you read current stories you will see that this is not an issue and they cuss freely in the GFT books now.

I read these as single issues and enjoyed each story and Zenoscope’s take on them. They are different and a breath of fresh air in the stagnant realm of superhero books. The TPB collects GFT Myths & Legends issues #1-5 and a reprint story of GFT #1.  JQ gives this a 8.1/10.

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