TPB Pick of the Week- Saga, Vol. 2

By jayq - June 7, 2017

The comic saga known as Saga continues and still hits on all cylinders. Brian K. Vaughn continues to impress the masses with Volume 2. 

I completely loved this book. I was enthralled the whole time learning about Hazel and the events that lead up to her creation. This world is so creative and imaginative that I’m just blown away. I will admit that some of these the contemporary imagery used for civilian life and use of elements of current society feel a bit too strange, but the story is well developed, the characters remain likable and oddly human considering how inhuman and magical the society actually is. The narrative voice of Hazel is more developed, and the use of flashbacks works well to enrich the character. Some of the dialogue is slightly too cute (like early Kevin Smith) but the richness of the characters or a humanizing piece of development pops into the story before that becomes overly distracting. One of the things I will give Vaughan is that both male and female characters are rounded, powerful, and nobody is a stereotypical anything. Even the “villains” are, in the main, charming and have realistic motivations.

The main theme in this book is the blind prejudice that all these souls have grown up believing in because it has always been forced upon them. Everyone can take something out of this lesson, especially with all the hate this world is witnessing. This bind-up gives us flashbacks from the past constantly. It’s done very well and helps the reader get a much better understanding what Marko and Alana have at stake and why it’s so important that love wins.

The writing and artwork are consistently good. Quality character development; you can’t help being engrossed with these characters lives. This volume is even more explicit than the first, which I dig. Definitely not content that would suit everyone’s tastes. If you are conservative, easily offended, and don’t like gore and raunchy material, steer clear! Saga Volume 2 does not disappoint. JQ gives this volume an 8.8 out of 10.

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