TPB Pick of the Week: All New X-Men Volume 3- Out of Their Depth

By jayq - July 18, 2014

All New X-Men Volume 3 featI have been following this series in comic form since the Marvel Now campaign has started. This is one of the HOTTEST books out and tracking the back issues can be difficult at times. The answer to saving TONS of stress tracking…grab the TPB’s!!

All New X-Men follows the adventures of the Original “First Class” as they were displaced in time into the current Marvel time line. Brian Michael Bendis takes you to the limit and back with his words. You feel for the young mutants as they struggle with that people know about them and how they handle the knowledge of what they have not yet achieved! Stuart Immonen and David LeFuente’s art has made this story very visually pleasant. Here is the break down of the book that collects issues 11-15 of the All New X-Men.

All New X-Men Volume 3The time-displaced young X-Men continue to adjust to a present day that’s both amazing and more disturbing than the young heroes had ever imagined. As Jean Grey pushes her powers to the limit, one of the young X-Men breaks rank – and leaves to join the adult Cyclops and his revolutionary crew! And when Mastermind targets the young Jean, will history repeat itself? When they find themselves face-to-face with the Uncanny Avengers, young Cyclops meets the adult version of Havok and his world is once again turned upside down!

Part of my love for this book is that the “first class”  has to live in the shadow of…themselves and how they react to it makes it an awesome read! JQ gives this book a 8.75/10. Click on the Amazon link or go to your local comic shop today to get your All New X-Men!!

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